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The Teapot team is excited to join Stripe!

APIs that can

Hero trust 348 x 221

Trust is built with people and relationships

This requires time and familiarity between each other. We can't speed up time, but our trust API can help you make people feel familiar to one another.

We're helping Airbnb hosts feel more comfortable with more guests in their home.

❯❯ I'm curious. Tell more!

Teapot can help you...

Answer questions like...

Icon question How are the payer and the payee connected?

Icon question Which users and transactions can I quickly approve?

Icon question Which merchants and transactions are fradulent?

The Teapot difference

Graphic qualityscale Graphic deeplearning Graphic fingerprinting

Lightweight, RESTful APIs
High recall
300ms for call return

We use machine learning to
identify people and their activies
across the web

In a world of 48,000 Riley Smiths,
we use social connections -
friends, followers - to find the
right one and all identities
associated with them