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About Us

Teapot builds robust APIs that allow you
to identify people and understand their social connections

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We Believe

Trust and identity involve knowing people and building relationships with them.

In unfamiliar situations, trust can be easily gained by knowing who you're both connected to.

Identity is verifying "Are you who you say you are".

We want to help you let in the good people faster and keep the bad guys out.

We Value

People - Our goal is to help make online interactions a better experience for everyone involved. Whether you're trying to let someone into your Airbnb or approving purchase transactions, we can help.

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Meet the Founders

Teapot was "brewed" out of research at Stanford


Pranav Dandekar

Pranav received his PhD from Stanford University in 2013, where he was advised by Ashish Goel. Teapot grew out of Pranav's research on using the social network to create trust in online interactions between users. Before Stanford, Pranav built software for personalization and online marketing at Amazon, which generates $100M+ in annual revenue for Amazon.


Ashish Goel

Ashish is a Professor of Management Science and Engineering and (by courtesy) Computer Science at Stanford University, where he co-leads the Social Algorithms lab. He is one of the world's leading experts on systems and algorithms for large-scale network analysis. He was a research fellow and technical advisor at Twitter from July 2009 to August 2014, where he architected Twitter's early personalization and monetization products.